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Leading Edge Technology. Superior Service. Flexible Options.

Inniovative Business Opoortunites
Complete operational support
Knowledgeable and Experienced

Innovative Business Models

BPO Back Office Services

Experience & Expertise

Our goal is to provide you with the solutions you need to build a successful payroll service business. We offer flexible options tailored for you to meet your needs and long-term goals.

Our BPO Back Office enables you to focus on the growth of your business while our team provides the day-to-day payroll operations, including ACH and Tax Processing

Our executive team has over 25 years experience in the payroll service industry, with over 15 years in design and development of payroll software.

Huge Potential for Growth
Cloud Payroll Software
Friendly, Professional Support

High Growth Potential

Cloud Technology

Professional Support

Cloud based, SaaS business services are a fast growing trend that you can benefit from with the Polaris Complete opportunity. Low overhead combined with high margins give you the opportunity to build a very profitable business. Find out more

The Cloud allows you, your partners and your clients to access your payroll platform anytime, anywhere. Our leading edge technology will provide you with a powerful tool to compete in the marketplace.
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Your Support Team consists of:

Qualified payroll specialists
Training professionals
Marketing & sales support
Tax specialists
Software development
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A Complete Solution to Build Your Payroll Service Business


Business Information

Custom Integrations

If your current business is providing benefits, insurance products or other business services, integrating data or a customer portal may be a strong market differentiator by providing your customers a complete branded experience. We can work with you to develop the specific requirements. Contact us at 1-866-620-9372 to find out more.

The Cloud and Beyond

Our advanced SaaS platform levels the playing field in the payroll/ HR service industry. Leveraging the power of the cloud, independent business owners now have access to a sophisticated software platform to compete with those previously only available to very large corporations with deep pockets. Find out more

Implementation & Conversion

Getting your clients’ set-up and implemented correctly is one of keys to success in payroll service. Our BPO Back Office can take this daunting task and streamline the process. Contact us to find out more about our implementation services.